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Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Business Consultant,

Best-Selling Author

I develop individuals who are Potential Seekers to Grow, Expand, Reach and Maximize their potential so they can fulfill their purpose.

"Latosha worked with me on starting my own home-care business. She coached me every step of the way. The day of my company survey, she actually was right there. I am truly grateful for her services” -


~Denise Johnson~

“I always stayed in my shell, afraid to step out. Latosha shared with me her battle with anxiety and depression and how she overcame them. She shared with me some coping mechanisms that she used and I am now finding myself again.” -


~Tammy Walker~

“Working with Latosha gave me the push I needed to start my own business. She coached from start to finish. Her expertise is just what I needed.”



~Stephanie Gardens~




By analyzing your current situation, identifying limiting beliefs and other potential challenges, come up with a personalized plan to help achieve the desired outcome. 


By helping condition and pushing you toward another level of strength in regards to where you want to go in life. Meeting you right where they are and striving for where you want to go.



Helping you find where you are stuck at and showing you ways to get your life flowing again, and removing those things that has placed limitations on your life.

I will help you by listening to your needs, guide you in a new way of thinking, help you with goal setting, hold you accountable, and help find true happiness within you.


It has been my pleasure to serve as a Certified Life Coach, Business Consultant, owner of 2 Home Care Businesses and the owner of CNA Business Solutions. My home care business received an award of being the best in Newport News 2019 for the service we provide in the community. As a child, I was the person who loved unconditionally, motivated and encouraged those around me.


My desire to help others blazed within me more as I got older. I discovered my purpose by pushing others daily to maximize their full potential and became very transparent with my journey wanting others to embrace hope in their journey while having the confidence that I am the coach for them.

This book is a great source of inspiration and motivation for those who ever battled with any life changes situation. As you read the pages, you will feel the emotions as Latosha pours her soul. Allow this book to be a tool for 

your life as you go through storms.

I am ready to coach you into your full potential. Click the button below to get started with the coaching package that fits your needs. 



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